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Admit it, we all ask stupid questions. Even me, it's true. So I have put together this simple how2 on how to ask questions that may seem stupid to some without making you look stupid.

For starters, if you join a forum and ask a question. You might want to tell the people there what you have (as far as your computer). Give as much information as you can without making it so long that no one will want to help you.
A wonderful example I saw on a forum for someone's signature. It said something like "My car as 4 wheels, but it won't start. What's going on?" OK there we go, same thing when asking for tech advice. If you can, give the model numbers of everything your computer has. Give the specs, and OS your running. For Example, here's my computer.

AMD 2600+ (2.09GHz)
40GB Western Digital HD
120GB Western Digital 8MB Cache HD
Lite-on DVD-ROM
Sony DRU-500AX DVD+-RW
MSI KT4 Ultra Mother Board
ATI All-in-Wonder Pro 9700 128Meg
2 RTL3189 NICs
450Watt X-Power Power Supply: +3.3V/26A,+5V/35A,+12V/15A,-12V/0.8A,-5V/0.5A,+5VSB/2A
Windows XP Pro SP1
OK, so I know my specs. And that isn't all of them, I don't mention that I have onboard sound, or that I added a 4 port internal USB v1.1 PCI Card. No mention of Speakers, Keyboard, or Mouse. I can go on and on, but I'm sure by now you get the idea.

So when asking a question, please give details. I use a computer for my example (because that's all I know). Lets say you have a problem with your printer. You need to give details like: Are you using the driver that came on the disk? Did you download your Driver? How is the printer connected to your computer? What version of Windows (or *NIX) are you using? Has the printer worked before, or is this the first time you've set it up? Did you remember to turn it on? Did you follow the instructions given to you with the printer? What have you tried? Does the printer do anything when you try to print? Do you get an error message? Anything you can think of is valuable information. So please give it to us!

Well I think that's all I have to say for now. Hopefully I've given you some incite on how to get good advice with the first question. Your problems will now be solved faster and more efficiently. Thank you.