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Google, your new friend. Well google has been around for about 7 years now, and many people still don't use it. Why is that? Google is easy to use and will get you basically whatever you want.

For example, lets say your computer BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death). Look at the stop code, i.e., 0x0000000a or something like that. Type it into google. BINGO! There ya go, answers!

I use a lot of forums as most every answer to someone's question could be answered if they just went to google and put in keywords of what the problem is they are having... Looking for a driver for your sound card? GOOGLE IT!

Lets say I want information on a new TV show, Prison Break. Lets goto Google and type it in.
Why Google 1
Well look as that!
Now I want pictures of a girl I think is beautiful, Jewel Staite (please don't sue).
I goto google, click images then type in her name. Look at what I can up with!
Why Google 2
Nifty huh!

This is why Google is your friend. Google will also come in handy when trying to get free tech support without looking like a moron!

Enjoy Google!